Where are we:
We are located at about 100 meters south of Cambie and Garden City Junction, known as Cosmo Plaza,
opposite Pacific Plaza.
You can take bus number 407, 430, 480, 492, 410.
Take the "
Aberdeen" stop when using the Canada line.  About 1 block East.
Our address:
1150--McKim Way, RichmondC, BC, Canada. V6X4E2.
Tel: 1-604-273-8002
Fax: 1-604-273-8302
"Xuan" Paper and Chinese Ink:
This is commonly known as "rice paper".  There is absolutely no "rice " in the
product. This is made with a type of "mulberry bark" only available in the region
plus "rice straw stalks".  The paper is "white", and the process is done by oxidation
of the sun (no chlorine and no chemicals).  there is no chemical added nor is there
any artificial glue/latex included.  Everything is natural. "Chinese Ink" is carbon
(very fine carbon)  plus water plus natural glue.  As carbon is the most stable
element, so there is the saying "Chinese Xuan Paper has a life span of 1,000
years", and this is true.

Do you want to know why Chinese pigments/colour  is so stable? Contact us for the
details of the pigments and everything is but so understandable and so simple.

My Chinese saying goes: Nature is simple. If you find nature difficult, you
are probally doing it in the wrong way.
This is a brief map of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada for your reference:
Please note map is not to scale and for your reference only.
约100 米。

站下车 ,在东面 (GARDEN  CITY)。

公共巴士 可用 407,430,480,492,
410  路车。

                       麦 坚记云吞麺店